Best Ekstra Pensja Lottery in 2024

One of Poland's most played lottery games is called Ekstra Pensja, which Totalizator Sportowy runs. Ekstra is among the best online lotteries in Poland and has draws daily at 2100 hrs local time. In 2021 on the 13th of March, a lucky player from Golina in Konin played a quick pick ticket at the shop on Kolejowa 42. He was one of several people who played the numbers 2, 15, 19, 26, and 35 and another number 4 and won PLN 5,000 ($1029) every month for a total of 20 years.

On the 16th of January 2021, the numbers for the PLN 5,000 ($ 1029) monthly prize - 1, 5, 7, 24, 32, and the bonus number 2 - were correctly selected by an unidentified winner. This winner is a Chrzanów native, and like all other winners, their identities are protected.

Best Ekstra Pensja Lottery in 2024
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How to Buy an Ekstra Pensja Lottery Ticket Online

Ekstra Pensja drawings are only open to local players. They can, however, choose to take part by purchasing at a nearby store or by online lottery ticket via the Gry Lotto PL website or app. The price of an Ekstra Pensja ticket is PLN 5 ($ 1) per entrance and PLN 1 ($ 0.21) to add bonus play for Ekstra Premia.

Playing with the 10x multiplier costs 50 PLN ($ 10). By selecting the Advance Draws option during their purchase, players can take part in up to 8 successive draws.

Contrary to some other lotto games, Ekstra Pensja pays monthly winnings over the following 20 years. Players Pick five numbers from the available 35 and one from the available 4. Participants can choose to place their wager on the numbers or use a random draw. Even in the following eight draws, individuals can play the same numbers. Players cross out 5 of the 35 and all four digits on the blank.

Short History of Ekstra Pensja

On the 19th of October, 2014, Ekstra Pensja made its initial appearance during the lotto studio, despite the sale already going on for three days. This lottery is the first of these "strange" games released in Poland Right away, winning is insolvent, and the player receives payment. This salary is on par with the standard salary in status. It is considered in loan applications and even passed down through the family.

How the game is played hasn't changed much since it was first developed. Before the 11th of September, 2015, there were only draws on Wednesdays and Sundays. On that day, Friday draws were added.

The multiplier option was introduced in 2016, raising the primary prize to as much as 50,000 PLN ($ 10297) per month for 20 years. A year later, the game was expanded to daily drawing instead of just two times per week. The Ekstra Premia bonus play was the most recent change in 2019.

Is Ekstra Pensja Legal?

Ekstra Pensja is legal in Poland. Notably, most online gambling options are outlawed or limited to state-run monopolies. The only exclusions are online gambling and running promotional lotteries, which need a previous permit.

How to Play Ekstra Pensja Lottery Online

Punters pick five numbers between 1 and 35 and an extra number between 1 and 4. It is also feasible to address each of the four options. For PLN 1, participants can choose to add the Ekstra Premia bonus play. The draw for the extra game, known as Extra Bonus, happens right after the draw for the Ekstra Pensja.

Players must make a regular wager of 1 PLN to participate. Their numbers will then be included in both draws. Interested individuals should purchase Ekstra Pensja Lottery tickets online, keep them secure, and return to view the most recent Ekstra Pensja lottery results. At least two regular numbers must match To be eligible for a prize.

The times each number has been drawn during the past 20 draws is shown via Hit-And-Miss statistics. This table is updated each time a number is drawn. The number of draws since the last draw of a given number is indicated in each row. The average time between draws of a number can be calculated to determine whether it is overdue or due.

What Are the Odds of Winning Ekstra Pensja?

The Ekstra Pensja jackpot has a winning chance of one in 1,298,528. The probability of matching the numbers 5 and 1, which pays an estimated 5,000 PLN a month for 20 years, is 1 in 1,298,522. Players receive PLN 25,000 for matching five numbers, with a 1:432,843 chance of doing so.

The rewards for matching 4 + 1 and 4 are PLN 1,000 and PLN 200, respectively. However, the odds of matching those numbers are 1 in 8,657 and 1 in 2,886, respectively. Players who match 3 + 1 and 3 receive PLN 80 and PLN 25, respectively. The odds are at 1 in 299 and 1 in 100, respectively. Matching 2 + 1 and 2 can earn participants PLN 10 and PLN 5. The likelihood is at 1 in 32 and 1 in 11.

A 10x multiplier option is available for purchase in both the regular and bonus games. All awards under PLN 2,280 may be collected from the neighborhood Lotto dealers. Minor awards are also immediately credited to the accounts of online players. Taxes totaling 10% will be deducted from any awards exceeding PLN 2,280.

Payout Options for Ekstra Pensja Winners

Any player who wagers x 10 has a chance to earn a 20-year income of 50,000 zlotys. That's ten times more winning than at a typical bet. However, the price of the coupon for such a game will be proportionately higher; it is PLN 50. Of course, the rate could also be lower, like x 5, for instance (the coupon cost will be PLN 25).

Up to 50,000 zlotys can be wagered each month for a maximum of 20 years. The blank has the chosen salary amount written on it. It is vital to keep the voucher with Ekstra Pensja wagers. In addition to being essential for verifying the Ekstra Pensja draw outcomes, it serves as the foundation for paying out winnings.

Tips and Tricks to Play Ekstra Pensja

Every Polish player imagines winning the lotto one day. The chances of winning a lottery jackpot are slim, yet there have been some jackpot winners. The likelihood of winning the Ekstra Pensja is mainly determined by chance, but there are some strategies individuals should try.

After learning how to buy a ticket for Ekstra Pensja Lottery, participants can get more tickets if they want to improve their chances of winning. The drawback is that one might have to spend a lot of money to win a prize. Due to the significant expense individuals incur when purchasing their tickets, the value of their winnings might not be fully repaid.

Other Helpful Strategies

The most typical strategy is to purchase a single line and adhere to it religiously for each draw. The fear of missing out if their numbers appear in a draw for which they did not purchase tickets motivates players. Therefore, players must stop thinking that way and try to buy more tickets for Ekstra Pensja drawings that happen less frequently. One can win better if they play for more significant stakes.

In addition, as the numbers above the frequently chosen 31 occur just as frequently, players should pay closer attention to those digits. Participants won't necessarily boost their odds of winning the lottery, but since most individuals limit their pool, the Ekstra Pensja payouts will typically be significant.

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