SuperStar Jackpot: Play Online and Win Massive Prizes

SuperStar is an exciting addition to Italy's famous lottery game, SuperEnalotto. It offers players the chance to win more prizes for an additional fee. By opting for the SuperStar option, players can increase the number of prizes to 15, up from the seven offered in SuperEnalotto. Matching the superstar number also increases the jackpot size and can multiply the regular prizes up to 100 times.

However, many online lotto players, especially new ones, are often unsure about how to purchase a SuperStar lottery ticket online. While punters residing in Italy can buy SuperStar tickets from several lottery ticket vendors spread across the country, it can be inconvenient for many people to travel to the vendors and, at times, even queue to get the tickets.

SuperStar Jackpot: Play Online and Win Massive Prizes
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What is SuperStar Lotto?

SuperStar Lotto is an exhilarating addition to the well-known Italian lottery game, SuperEnalotto. Launched as an extension of the main game, it offers players an extra chance to win bigger prizes. The concept is simple: when you play SuperEnalotto, for a small additional fee, you can also choose a SuperStar number. This number enhances your winning potential by unlocking additional prize categories.

Originating in Italy, SuperStar Lotto quickly gained popularity due to its simple yet impactful twist on traditional lottery formats. This game is regulated by the Italian government, ensuring a fair and transparent process. It adheres to strict legal standards, guaranteeing the integrity of each draw and the security of player participation.

The excitement of SuperStar Lotto lies in its blend of tradition and innovation. By adding an extra layer to the already popular SuperEnalotto, it creates new opportunities for wins and heightens the overall gaming experience.

Where to Buy Tickets for SuperStar

When it comes to how to play SuperStar online, which comes in handy for non-residents, tickets can only be purchased through authorized online vendors. A quick online search can help punters find dependable lottery ticket vendors and purchase SuperStar tickets. It is worth noting that some vendors may charge facilitation fees, and others may have hidden charges. The methods of payment may also vary among the vendors.

Players also get an opportunity to buy tickets via a lottery syndicate. That refers to a group of punters who pool their money together and purchase multiple tickets collectively, increasing the chances of winning the lottery draw. Punters have to be extremely picky when joining a syndicate to ensure they do not get scammed.

The History of SuperStar

The SuperStar lottery and SuperEnalotto are owned and managed by the SISAL Company. SISAL Company was founded in 1945, but it wasn't until 1997 that it established SuperEnalotto. SuperEnalotto succeeded SuperEnalotto, which had been running on and off since the 1950s. The first draw took place on December 3, 1997. SuperEnalotto became the top lottery in Italy and Europe quite rapidly. SuperStar was introduced on March 28, 2006, to increase the number of prize winners.

The SuperStar lottery created excitement among punters by offering vast winning opportunities, but many elite punters remain skeptical due to the unrealistic odds. However, on December 2, 2008, a ticket matched all the main six lottery numbers and the SuperStar number. The ticket won a jackpot of €45 million and an additional €2 million for matching the SuperStar number. The jackpot was won by a syndicate of 30 punters in Cosenza.

Is SuperStar Lottery Legal?

SuperStar lottery is legal. It is run by a company authorized to provide gambling services by the Malta Gaming Authority, under the license number MGA/B2C/609/2018. However, there are limitations regarding who can play the lottery due to jurisdictional issues.

Punters from several countries are not allowed to participate in the lottery, especially those from jurisdictions where gambling is prohibited. There is also an age limitation for punters who can play the lottery online. Punters must be 18 years or older, or 21 years in some countries.

How to Play SuperStar Lottery

Playing the SuperStar lottery is a simple process that involves purchasing a SuperEnalotto ticket through any of the available methods. To play, you need to select six lucky numbers from a range of 1 to 90. If all six numbers match the winning numbers, you win the jackpot prize.

However, for an additional fee of €0.50 per entry, you can take part in the SuperStar lottery. This allows you to select an extra number from a different set of numbers ranging from 1 to 90. You can choose the same number for both your initial selection and the SuperStar selection. There are several quick-selection tools and random number generators available to help you choose your numbers.

Once you have selected your numbers, you need to wait for the relevant draw. SuperStar lottery draws are held three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. During the draws, the winning numbers are determined.
If all the numbers you have selected match the winning numbers, you win the jackpot and an additional €2 million for the superstar number. There are also several other prize tiers for the lottery, meaning you can win by matching only three of the main numbers and the SuperStar number.

What Are the Odds to Win SuperStar?

The odds of winning the SuperStar lottery are dependent on those of winning the SuperEnalotto main draw. The odds for matching all the six main numbers and the SuperStar number are 1:56,035,316,700. The prize for that is the jackpot plus €2 million. Matching five main numbers, jolly, and the SuperStar number has odds of 1:9,339,219,450.

Matching five numbers plus the SuperStar number has odds of 1:112,520,716. The prize tiers go to as low as matching only the SuperStar number, which has odds of 1:138. The overall odds of a punter winning a superstar prize are 1:90.


The prizes for matching the SuperStar number vary depending on the number of the main six numbers matched for the SuperEnalotto lottery. Matching all the six numbers wins the jackpot prize and an additional €2 million. Matching five numbers, the jolly number, and the SuperStar number earn the winner 25 times the Match 5 prize.

Four and three matched numbers plus the SuperStar number have 100 times the Match 4 and Match prize, respectively. Punters who match only the SuperStar number and none of the main numbers earn a prize of €5.

Payout Options

The payout options are dependent on the amount won and the payment method used to purchase the lottery ticket. Something to note is that punters must claim their prizes within 90 days after the ticket draw takes place, after which they forfeit the prize. Additionally, all the prizes above €500 are subject to a 20% tax.

Players can always claim prizes less than €520 from ticket vendors or the 39,000 retailers across Italy. Punters can receive the amount in cash or check. Prizes between €521 and €5,200 can be claimed only from the respective shop where the ticket was purchased or SISAL offices. Finally, prizes exceeding €52,000 can only be claimed from SISAL offices, and payments are completed via bank transfers.

Tips and Tricks to Play SuperStar Lottery

There are no particular tips or tricks punters can use that guarantee winning the SuperStar lottery. However, some can increase the chances of winning significantly, a few of which are highlighted below.

Purchase More Entries

Ideally, punters who play SuperStar online increase their winning chances by purchasing more tickets. However, the chosen lucky numbers on any given lottery ticket online for the same draw should be different.

The cost of buying too many tickets for an online lottery can be overwhelming to many punters. Joining lottery syndicates is an easy way to keep the costs down while increasing the winning chances, though the prize money will have to be shared among all the syndicate members.

Play Often

Ideally, punters who do not purchase an online lottery ticket for a draw do not have any chance of winning the lottery. Playing often thus gives punters more chances of winning despite the winning chances remaining the same for each draw.

Use an Effective Strategy to Pick Lucky Numbers

There are numerous strategies that punters can use to pick lucky numbers. Most of the strategies are designed to spread the numbers such that punters get the highest chances of matching the drawn numbers. Strategies are more effective for punters who buy multiple SuperStar tickets online for a draw.

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What is SuperStar Lotto?

SuperStar Lotto is an additional draw to the Italian SuperEnalotto game, offering players a chance to win larger prizes. For a small extra fee, participants can choose a SuperStar number which opens up more prize categories. Originating in Italy, it's known for its blend of traditional lottery appeal and innovative twists.

Where Can I Buy SuperStar Lotto Tickets?

You can buy SuperStar Lotto tickets from authorized online vendors. These vendors might have different charges and payment methods. Be cautious of hidden fees and always use reputable sources. For those who prefer group play, joining a lottery syndicate is an option, but ensure it's a trustworthy group to avoid scams.

What is the History of SuperStar Lotto?

SuperStar Lotto, managed by SISAL Company, started on March 28, 2006. It followed the SuperEnalotto, which began in 1997 and evolved from an older version dating back to the 1950s. It quickly became a popular lottery in Italy and Europe, known for its large jackpots and additional winning opportunities.

Is SuperStar Lotto Legal?

Yes, SuperStar Lotto is legal and regulated under the Malta Gaming Authority. However, participation is restricted in some countries, and players must typically be 18 or older, though some jurisdictions require players to be 21.

How Do I Play SuperStar Lotto?

To play, select six numbers from 1 to 90 for the SuperEnalotto draw. For an extra fee, you can choose a SuperStar number from the same range. Draws occur three times a week, and matching your numbers with the drawn ones can win you the jackpot and additional prizes.

What Are the Odds of Winning SuperStar Lotto?

The odds of winning vary by prize category. Matching all six numbers and the SuperStar number has odds of 1:56,035,316,700. The lowest prize can be won by matching only the SuperStar number, with odds of 1:138. Overall odds for any prize are 1:90.

What Kind of Prizes Can I Win in SuperStar Lotto?

Prizes range from €5 for matching only the SuperStar number to the jackpot plus €2 million for matching all numbers and the SuperStar. Other prizes multiply the standard SuperEnalotto winnings, making even smaller matches lucrative.

What Are the Payout Options for SuperStar Lotto?

Prizes can be claimed from ticket vendors or SISAL offices, depending on the amount. Winnings under €520 can be collected in cash or check, while larger amounts are usually paid via bank transfer. Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the draw.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning?

Buying more tickets can increase your chances, but it's important to manage your budget responsibly. Joining a syndicate can also improve odds while sharing costs. Consistent participation and using various number-picking strategies might help, though there's no guarantee of winning.

Are There Taxes on SuperStar Lotto Winnings?

Yes, winnings above €500 are subject to a 20% tax. It's important to be aware of these taxes when calculating potential net winnings. Always check the latest tax regulations, as they can change.