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Privacy Policy

We, at LottoRanker know that our users' personal information can be important to gather, but it is equally important to protect our users' information and ensure that their private informations are safe. We only use information for mandatory purposes.

Everyone who visits LottoRanker's website are accepting to agree our terms of conditions, privacy and cookie policies. In here you can find for what reasons we use our visitors' informations.

A user has the right the stop using this website when the user does not agree with any of our policies listed in our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to alter our policies if needed. We are not obliged to inform our website's visitors about our policy changes, but they are automatically accept the alternations by using our website.

Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy applies to our main site, and all the other LottoRanker domains related to this brand. We use cookies only to ensure that our website is running smooth. Cookies we at our websites and different domains do not save any personal information about any of our users. However, our users have the right to disable the cookies we are using anytime by turning them off in the browser settings. Turning cookies off might cause problems in some of the functions we applied to our website.

Cookies used on this site

Google Analytics - Google Analytics is a marketing optimisation tool we use for collecting general information about users when visiting our website. This tool is used for seeing what pages our users visit and how long they stay on our website. Google Analytics never saves private information about our visitors.

Matomo - Matomo is also a marketing optimisation tool that is quite similar to Google Analytics. This tool collects general information about our users which helps us optimising LottoRanker's website.

Other Policies

Always be mindful of sharing personal information on this, or any other websites. Any kind of data provided by users in the online era becomes public information. Make sure you only provide personal information on trusted websites and to people who you know.

Your account details should always be safe - your email address, password and other log-in details. Never give your log-in details to anyone you do not know or trust.

LottoRanker might send you information or notification from time to time which our users are welcome to turn off. We only send notifications to inform our visitors about news, new bonuses, new lottery providers, changes on our website or our privacy policy.

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David O'Reilly

David "LuckyLotto" O'Reilly, from Australia's sun-kissed coasts, is the mastermind behind LottoRank. With an analytical mind and a gambler's heart, he's transformed the way lottery enthusiasts approach their passion, offering insights and strategies like no other.

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