Best Bonus Ball 2024

A bonus ball is an additional number that would be drawn at random in a regular drawing, but it is not. It is always the same as the first (or second) draw of the day, and it is never announced before the draw, so players can't know what it is until after the interest has taken place. The purpose of this is to allow players to win big money by guessing the correct number on the next lottery draw.

This is usually a "guaranteed" prize because there are no strings attached – The player doesn't have to pay any more or do anything other than guess the correct number for the guarantee to payout. In short, it is a promotion by online lotteries in the same way players receive bonuses in casinos.

Best Bonus Ball 2024
How to use a bonus ball
How to use a bonus ball

How to use a bonus ball

Bonus balls are also used to encourage people to continue playing. For example, when the Jackpot gets very high, they might use a guaranteed bonus ball instead of a normal one.

If everyone plays with their eyes fixed on the Jackpot, they are less likely to keep playing because they won't see the bonus ball coming. However, using a guaranteed bonus ball means that the player will almost certainly get something from the draw anyway.

To use a bonus ball, the player is required to choose from the list of numbers displayed on the screen (which are the numbers that other gamblers have selected). Once they have chosen their number, they press the spin button to display the lottery numbers.

The gambler is required to select one of these numbers as the winning number. If their selection matches the actual number, the lucky player wins the money shown with the winning number.

How to use a bonus ball
To turn a bonus ball into real money

To turn a bonus ball into real money

There is no limit on how much money one can win from this bonus. They can play multiple times during their free time or once per day. This bonus only applies to games where players pick a single number and not combinations of two numbers.

Things to look out for when playing with a bonus ball

The bonus ball is a bonus like any other, so players should make some considerations before going for it. For instance, one should know the latest time allowed to pick a bonus ball alongside the ticket. The terms attached to the bonus ball should be considered too. For instance, some lotteries may require players to only buy one ticket in order to qualify for the bonus ball entry.

Players should also look at the lotteries offering the bonus ball. Stay checking for notifications to avoid missing out on the entry timeline.

To turn a bonus ball into real money
Is there a strategy to the bonus ball?

Is there a strategy to the bonus ball?

Like the lottery itself, the bonus ball itself is an occurrence of pure chance. Players cannot use any proven methods to increase their chances of their bonus ball winning. All they have to do is pick the numbers required on their ticket.

If all but one of their ticket numbers match the balls drawn, they qualify for the bonus ball round. At this point, the bonus ball is drawn. The drawing may occur once or a number of times; rules vary from one lottery to another.

If the player's bonus ball is drawn at any point in these last draws, then they win bonus prizes. It is, therefore not worth spending time trying to predict the bonus ball that wins. However, some players have their own beliefs that some factors make them lucky.

Birthdays, particular numbers, and so on. It is not discouraged to follow these instincts. After all, any lottery is, first and foremost, meant to be a fun activity.

Is there a strategy to the bonus ball?
Understanding bonus ball terms and conditions

Understanding bonus ball terms and conditions

For fairness, there are specific terms and conditions put in place by the online lottery sites that apply to all games using bonus balls. They may vary from one lottery to another, but they are mostly similar. These common bonus ball rules include:

  • All winning tickets must be placed within 30 days of the advertised draw date.
  • One cannot combine bonus balls with matched bonuses.
  • If they match the bonus with another bonus or cash-out option, they must ensure no overlap between them.
  • Only real money wagers count towards the bonus balance.
  • The bonus balance is calculated based on the total wagered over the previous 30 days. Any winnings made with bonus balls do not count towards this calculation.
  • Once the bonus balance reaches zero, one may redeem the remaining balance.
  • Players must be 18 years old or older to participate.
  • There is no limit to the number of times one can enter the draw.
  • When entering a draw, one must place a single ticket.
  • All entrants' fees must be collected in advance.
  • Players cannot transfer bonus funds to another account.
  • Bonuses expire after a certain period
  • Winning odds are 1/100.
  • To claim winnings, players must contact customer support directly. (Please note that some casinos offer different rules regarding withdrawals. Please refer to the terms and conditions for each casino.)
  • Not all bonuses are eligible for withdrawal.
Understanding bonus ball terms and conditions
What lotteries offer bonus ball?

What lotteries offer bonus ball?

Several lottery websites offer bonus balls. Some of these lotteries are well known, and others are new. Here's a closer look at some of the most popular ones.

Powerball USA

This is the largest lottery in America. Since its launch in 1970, it has been played almost every week. And now it is available to play online as well! The US Powerball is drawn twice a week. It offers a top prize of $40 million. One of the critical features of the US Powerball is the "Power Play" feature which allows players to increase their chances of winning big prizes.

The more tickets bought, the higher the chance of winning big.
In addition to the weekly drawings, the US Powerball also holds special events like the Mega Millions National Finals held twice a year. In 2018, the US Powerball was sold out before drawing.

Mega Millions USA

The Mega Millions is one of the world's largest jackpot lotteries. Its jackpots have reached up to $640 million. The lottery is drawn twice a week, with each ticket costing $2. The Jackpot starts from $20 million and grows bigger every time it is not won. Megamillions is available only in the United States and Canada.

The lottery has three main features. First is the choice of numbers where Players choose five white balls and two red balls. Second is the "Pick 3" option, where players pick three numbers among the first 75 and get to match those numbers with two randomly selected numbers. The third is the Megaplier. A player who picks six white balls and matches them with four black balls gets multiplied by 2. This means he stands a better chance of winning.

SuperLotto Plus

The Super Lotto Plus is another popular lottery game in Australia. It is not just a single draw but a monthly draw. The Australian Lotto draws on the first Tuesday of each month. They have seven lucky numbers ranging from 1-to 7 drawn at random. Each number can be matched with any other number or group of digits. The Jackpot ranges between $5 million and $25 million.


The EuroMillions is yet another popular lottery game in Europe. It is very similar to the American Mega Millions. Euromillions players are required to predict seven balls correctly to land the big prize. Unlike the Mega Millions, EuroMillions does not give out cash prizes. Instead, one wins a percentage of the total Jackpot. The Jackpot goes up when somebody wins. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, people across Europe await the draw hoping that their tickets win.

Lotto Europe

Another famous European lottery is Lotto Europe. It is a French lottery played once a week. Every Thursday evening, people can buy tickets for $1. When somebody buys all eight numbers, they get a share of the Jackpot. The jackpots vary between $10,000 and $100,000. The lowest amount won so far was $3,500. Because this is a French lottery, it is only available in France.


This Japanese version of the lottery came into existence in 1992. It is a national lottery where people can play by buying lottery tickets. Some people call it the "Japanese Powerball". The Japanese version of the lottery is based on the US Powerball. On average, the lottery sells about 350,000 tickets per day.

Powerball UK

Yet another UK lottery is Powerball UK. Like many other lottery games around the globe, the Powerball UK has a jackpot that varies from $50,000 to $250,000. The jackpot increases as more people participate in the drawing. If nobody wins, then the Jackpot rolls over to the next draw. The Powerball UK draws its numbers on Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets cost $1.

Double Lotto

In Italy, the Double Lottery is also known as Il Dottore. It is the most popular lottery game in Italy. The Italian version of the lottery is different from the American one. Instead of picking five numbers, players choose ten numbers. These are drawn every Monday evening, and people can buy tickets for as little as 60 cents. Every ticket costs $1.


The bonus ball lottery in India is called Power Play. The Indian version of the lottery is unique. It is a daily lottery. Unlike regular lotteries, where tickets are bought weekly, tickets are purchased every day.


One of the most popular lotteries in South Africa is SuperEnaLotto. It is a national game that runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Jackpot usually ranges between R30 million and R60 million. It is divided into the main prize pool and the bonus pool. As soon as someone wins the main prize, the money gets transferred to the bonus pot. If nobody wins, the jackpots roll over to the next draw.

What lotteries offer bonus ball?
Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling

Although it is not considered gambling in some ways, lottery gaming can still become problematic. Gambling is fun, but it comes with risks. Gamblers are encouraged to carry out responsible gaming. Here bettors find some tips and tools to help them manage their gambling better.

  • One should not bet more than one can afford to lose.
  • It doesn't matter how much one loves betting; there is no excuse for losing money meant for essential needs! Before starting, gamblers should make sure they have enough available funds to cover any losses.
  • Betting should only be part of leisure time. Any extra income generated should be used for something else instead.
  • Be aware of the times one is most likely to gamble- One should try not to play when one are stressed or intoxicated.
  • Have a plan B -If one feels like they might lose control over their betting habits, they should try to come up with a backup plan in case this happens. For example, they could always stop playing altogether.
  • Know when to quit- One doesn't necessarily need to stop playing immediately after losing. Some people prefer to continue playing until they win. However, if one has trouble controlling their spending, it's probably best to cut back on lottery betting.
  • When playing, never borrow money from other people- If players find themselves in debt because they gambled too much, they should consider seeking financial management assistance from a qualified body. There are many bodies that exist to help people with gambling problems.
Responsible gambling