Bingo 5 Jackpot: Play Online and Win Massive Prizes

Bingo 5 is a popular pastime among Japanese punters. However, unlike the best online lotteries in other countries, it is not very popular here because it was among the forms of gambling that remained outlawed until recently. But, by and large, the popularity of online lottery games is fast gaining prominence, with Bingo 5 taking the center stage.

What is Bingo 5? Bingo 5 is essentially an eight-number lottery. Even though the name suggests that it is “5”, this does not necessarily mean that players get to choose a set of five numbers. Instead, each ticket has nine squares with a set of five numbers in order. Punters must select a number from each square, save from the one at the middle marked “Free.”

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Where to Buy Tickets for Bingo 5

With growing interest in the game, it is not surprising that punters are also concerned about ticket purchase options. Like most online lotteries today, Bingo presents two main ticket purchase options – online and lottery counters.

Lottery counters, to start with, are synonymous with Bingo 5 game. Punters must only visit a land-based lottery counter and purchase a ticket or mark sheet.

Moving away from conventional ticket purchases, it is now possible for players to buy online lottery tickets from the official lottery website. For online purchases, players must register with the official website, providing their personal and payment details.

History of Bingo 5

While Japan is known for many things, tech, ancient cultures, and cuisine, there isn't much about their lottery games. Behind the scenes, however, the Japanese have been playing lottery games for several centuries.

In the past, lotteries were run by religious establishments, and winners were given amulets representing wealth and happiness. Fast-forward, present-day lottery players are accorded a vast range of prizes. Here is a brief history of the Bingo 5(JP) lottery.

Bingo 5 is a relatively new game among the Japanese. This weekly lottery that holds its lotteries every Wednesday was released on April 3, 2017. This lottery is run by the Mizuho Financial Group, which also displays the official lottery results.

However, regarding the game's past winners and the win amounts, the organizers or Mizuho do not offer official records on their website,

As far as Bingo 5's gameplay goes, there haven't been any significant changes over the years – choose a single number in each game's eight boxes and wait for the draw. While players had to purchase tickets in physical shops in the past, modern-day players are accorded the flexibility and convenience of online play.

Is Bingo 5 Legal to play?

The Legality of Bingo 5 is usually a common concern among gamblers. This concern often emanates from the fact that most forms of gambling have been outlawed in Japan for many years. As a result, sports betting and lotteries were essentially the main options available to punters in the past.

Bingo 5, in its basic form, is categorized as a lottery. As such, Bingo 5 falls squarely into the list of legally allowed forms of gambling. Japanese players should, thus, have nothing to worry about when playing this game. Plus, the fact that it is associated with the Mizuho Financial Group further underscores its legality.

How to Play Bingo 5

Playing Bingo 5 should be easy, even for first-time players. However, playing the game can, at times, be confusing. To understand how to play this 'easy-to-play' lottery, players need to know how the game works.

Bingo 5 employs nine squares, eight with numbers, and one left free. The nine squares are contained in three rows and three columns, forming a larger square encapsulating the smaller numbered squares.

The central square is not numbered (FREE), while the other squares contain five consecutive numbers in order. As such, every online lottery ticket holder dreams to pick numbers that form as many lines as possible.

Bingo 5 Method/ Rules

Of the nine squares, a player's goal is to make correct predictions, expressed in terms of lines. The game has a total of 8 lines, three vertical, three horizontal, and two diagonals. If a player's application number matches that the lottery draw, including the free box at the center, they win the First prize. That said, here is an outline of some possible win scenarios:

  • Eight lines matched to qualify for the First prize tier (jackpot)
  • Six lines matched qualify Second prize tier
  • Five lines matched to qualify for the Third prize tier
  • Four lines matched Fourth prize tier
  • Three lines matched horizontally qualify for the Fifth prize tier
  • Two lines matched to qualify for the Sixth prize tier
  • One line matched to qualify for the Seventh prize tier

What Are the Odds to Win Bingo 5?

Any player looking to play Bingo 5 would undoubtedly be interested in the odds of winning. Most players are drawn into lotteries with impressive odds, but this does not, in any way, influence their chances of winning. Winning the Bingo 5 is primarily a matter of luck.

Players employ different strategies to tilt the scales in their favor. Some might choose the often-picked numbers, while others opt for the quick pick (QP) feature. Either way, using the quick pick or manually does not alter the probabilities. That said, here is the probability of winning Bingo 5 lottery prizes:

  • First prize (8 lines) – 1/390,625
  • Second prize (6 lines) – 1/24,414
  • Third prize (5 lines) – 1/8,138
  • Fourth prize (4 lines) – 1/2,035
  • Fifth prize (3 lines) -1/313
  • Sixth prize (2 lines) – 1/59
  • Seventh prize – (1 line) 1/7

While the probabilities are essentially constant, the prize money for the respective tiers often varies depending on the number of winners. For example, fewer winners could see the win amount adjusted upwards, while more winners decrease the win.

Payout Options if You Win Bingo 5

The payout options available for any punter holding a Bingo 5 ticket include:

  • First prize – 5,556,200 JPY
  • Second prize – 300,000 JPY
  • Third prize – 45,000 JPY
  • Fourth prize – 18,200 JPY
  • Fifth prize – 2,500 JPY
  • Sixth prize – 700 JPY
  • Seventh prize – 200 JPY

Regarding payouts, Bingo 5 relies on the lines and not the numbers guessed or picked. For instance, a correct pick in the top left, middle left, and bottom right does not qualify for a win because these picks do not form a line.

Tips and Tricks to Play Bingo 5

Winning Bingo 5 lottery can be a long shot, but that does not mean that players are deemed powerless when tilting the scales in their favor.

Lottery players are undoubtedly not immune to lottery tips that do not work. Well, since there is no known way that a player can accurately predict the numbers drawn in the weekly Bingo 5 draw, players should, at least, remain realistic when pursuing the main prize.

That said, here are some tips for online lottery players that could better their chances of winning:

  • Pick numbers randomly and avoid falling for the temptation of coming up with a “clever” pattern
  • Employ the quick pick feature while filling your online lottery ticket online
  • Often pick the “rarely-picked” numbers, not to improve chances but to get a full payout

As far as employing tricks and getting “ahead of the curve” goes, there are still no known tricks to play Bingo 5 online. However, unlike the best online lotteries and number games, there are instances when a simple two-number guess will establish a line, which ultimately improves their chances. And so, the best-known trick is to play often and responsibly.

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